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We are pleased to announce that RotorHub is a oficial media partner of European Rotors with the commitment to delivering the best information for vertical aviation lovers.

RotorHub International is the only international media portfolio dedicated to the civil and parapublic rotorcraft industry, providing a definitive news resource for this dynamic aviation community. The portfolio consists of a bi-monthly magazine, online news platforms, show daily specials and the annual Civil and Parapublic Helicopter Handbook.


Extend exposure through the official Show Guide

As the official reference source for EUROPEAN ROTORS which contains key event information, a timetable of conference programmes and a full list of exhibitors, the Show Guide will be distributed to all event attendees. In this way, it casts its net wide, guaranteeing maximum exposure for your brand.

Attendees will reference the Show Guide throughout the event, gaining you extensive and repeated brand exposure.

Attendees will retain the Show Guide for reference after the event, meaning that visibility of your brand will not be limited to the lifetime of hte event. As Attendees debrief and decide upon next steps following the event, your brand will remain front and foremost in their minds as they return to the Show Guide to inform their discussions.

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Shelley Potts
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