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Show Space Fees, Rates & Packages

The purchase of show space includes only the raw space. It does not include any walls, structures, furnishings, or utilities. Exhibitor services and booth packages will be provided through the RAI Exhibitor Services Webshop. Information, deadlines, and login credentials will be sent later.

Stand Fees

Exhibitors will be assessed two types of stand fees. The fees do not apply to Indoor Static Space or to Starter Packages.

Media Fee: EUR 500

    • The media fee covers exhibitor company listings in print and digital materials including the show guide, website, and app

Facility Fee: EUR 9/m2

    • The facility fee covers general costs associated with holding the event at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre.


Rates are listed by space type.


Stand Type Rate
Standard EUR 409/m2
Deluxe EUR 429/m2
Premium EUR 432/m2

Indoor Static Space

Rate: EUR 1,155/unit

The display of aircraft and equipment is the only use permitted for indoor static space. To purchase indoor static space, the exhibitor must purchase a standard space.

    • One unit is either 6mx12m or 5mx12m
    • Stand fees are not assessed on indoor static space units
    • No shell schemes, walls, structures, furnishings, or utilities are permitted in indoor static space units.


EUROPEAN ROTORS offers two package options.

Starter Package (formerly Starter Area)

Rate: EUR 2,195

Included in the starter package:

    • Information pod
    • Company logo
    • Two standard stools
    • Exhibitor company profile on interactive floor plan
    • Exhibitor company profile on show app.

Media and facility fees do not apply to starter packages.

Shared Space/Co-Exhibitor Package

Rate: EUR 395

    • Each co-exhibiting company must complete a shared-space application
    • Each co-exhibiting company must pay the EUR 500 media fee.

Payment Information

Payment Deadlines

To secure your stand space, please observe the following payment deadlines. If your deposit is not received by the deadline, your stand space will be released and made available for another company to book.

    • Deposit deadline: 30 April, 2024
    • Balance deadline: 31 July, 2024

Cancellation Fees and Deadlines

The following cancellation fees apply based on the timeframes listed.

    • 4 months before the show: 50% of the invoice total
    • 3 months before the show: 80% of the invoice total
    • 2 months before the show: 100% of the invoice total.

Venue Information

RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre – Halls 8 and 9
Europaplein 24
1078 GZ Amsterdam
P.O. Box 77777
1070 MS Amsterdam
The Netherlands

RAI Virtual Tour

Helpful Contacts

Sales by Territory

Italy & Spain

Valentina Calabrese, Sales Manager

Phone: +1 352 388 7031

Global (excluding Italy and Spain)

The Wyman Company

Katie White, Sales Manager


Phone: +1 352 388 7031

Show Management

Emily Monahan, VAI Exhibits Manager


Phone: +1 703 683 4646


Email: or

Show Hours

The show floor is open the following hours:

Tue., 5 Nov. |10:00 –17:00
Wed., 6 Nov. | 10:00–17:00
Thur., 7 Nov. | 10:00–16:00

Access for exhibitors: one hour before the start of the show.

Set-Up and Dismantling Times

Exhibitors may access the show floor at the following times.


Sat., 2 Nov. | 08:00–22:00
Sun., 3 Nov. | 08:00 –22:00
Mon., 4 Nov. | 08:00–22:00


Thur., 7 Nov. | 17:00–23:30
Fri., 8 Nov. | 08:00 –23:30


Exhibitors receive complimentary badges as noted:

    • 4 exhibitor badges per 9 m2
    • 4 customer badges per 9 m2

Exhibitor Registration Portal

Information including login credentials for the exhibitor registration portal will be sent at a later date.